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My first encounter with an X-ray machine left me absolutely fascinated with a power of a simple machine to see through layers of flesh to the underlying bone beneath. Now with my completion of medical studies and proper practices, I have gained even more appreciation of great extent to which radiography techniques aid in clinical practice. When I gone through the details of your organization, I found that this organization provides an excellent care to the patients as well as an amazing working atmosphere to the employees. All this factors inspired the radiographer in me and as a result, I decided to apply into this vacancy.

My experience with radiography has given me a strong foundation on which to understand the complex concepts with this field. I completed several rotations in diagnostic centers and hospitals where I had opportunity to observe technicians operating the machines and to operate and work by myself and hence I have become an independent radiographer to work in different modalities such as CT, and X-ray.

Working as a Diagnostic radiographer in a Multi speciality polyclinic in Maldives have given an international exposure in Radiologic field. Around 4 years of work experience made me an expert in modalities such as CT scan and digital X-rays ( general and portable x-rays) . Through this, I acquired a lot of information about different types of infectious diseases which affects human body and its appearance in different imaging modalities. I am a proficient user of RIS, PACS and HIS systems as well.

Improving patient care has become a priority for all hospital with overall objective of achieving a high degree of patient satisfaction. The quality of patient care is essentially determined by the quality of infrastructure , quality of training, and personal communication. As a radiographer, I believe that I am always justifying these criterias. All the patients will be of different conditions mentally and physically.

So giving a mental support is one of the primary components of patient care. I will always try to explain about a procedure to the patient prior to it performed so that they could get rid of the anxiety and tension about the procedure. As someone well aware about the after effects of radiation, I will never forget give proper radiation protection devices to the patients. In addition to this, I have a solid understanding of radiation physics, dosimetry and use of hazardous substances. My experience helped me to achieve to this. I am always keen to learn new tests and procedures and learn new equipments.

I believe in my strong communication skills, patience, empathy and ability to problem solve, which are all important to radiographer, have been developed through the duties that I performed in different organization. I feel that I would be well determined and focused on the responsibilities which would be assigned for me and also hope that I would give the best of myself to the duties. I am very optimistic about future.



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