Dentist – Become a Clinic Owner in Denmark

October 3, 2021
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Job Description

You will become a clinic owner in one of Europe’s top welfare states, in Scandinavia, which will
provide great financial potentials. You will work in your private dental clinic in Denmark with stable surroundings, attractive working conditions and a solid financial situation. You will have a better work-life balance and secure future.
The clinics are located in small town areas. They have built-up patient circles and loyal and
experienced staff. You will work in friendly atmosphere with colleagues as well as patients.
Your main priority will be treating your patients, but as a clinic owner, your responsibilities will also be: motivating your employees, decision-making, administration, staying in contact with relevant
authorities, looking out for finances, shining with your leadership skills.
Our dedicated team will help you with the tiresome tasks: we will support you in administration,
bookkeeping and marketing, updating you about the legal framework and taxation rules, so you will
be able to concentrate on the field you are really good at: dentistry.
Throughout the first years of our cooperation, Medicolink will be your business partner, sharing our 10 years of experience with you, so you will be ready to independently manage your clinic after the end of our partnership.


  Online teaching

As you know, you will receive online teaching and we also raised the settlement assistance!

  1. the teaching hours are flexible as same as the date of the course start
  2. the maximum amount of candidates per course is 4-5 participants
  3. the length of the course is minimum 4-5 months and a minimum of 300 teaching lessons (45 minutes)
  4. the candidates still have to pass the necessary exams and participate 85% of the online classes
  5. the candidates entitled for the €1000 settlement assistance during the course, maximum 5 times