Dentists and Orthodontic specialists in the Netherlands (Holland)

October 3, 2021
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Job Description

The conditions to work in The Netherlands, are:

  1. Education
  • EU Medical Diploma, and if applicable EU Medical Specialist Diploma
  • The NON-EU Medical, and if applicable EU Medical Specialist Diploma must be recognized from an EU land + minimal 3 years (from last 5 years), work experience in the land which has recognized your diploma’s.
  1. Citizenship
  • EU citizenship, or
  • The NON-EU citizens must have a permanent work permit in EU.

For Dentists and Orthodontic specialists, the Income earnings between 90.000 and 150.000 euros gross per year, based on 45 working hours per week + including shifts and night guard.

How it works

Do you want to work as a medical professional or dentist in the Netherlands? Care Force will guide you to your new job. So that you can get started quickly, with the right documents and the right preparation. Read how it works.

1: register

  • Register via the registration form on our website
  • Have you seen a vacancy you like? Ask for a Skype intake interview with a recruiter
  • Our recruiter will bring your profile to the attention of our clients
  • Our recruiter will also post your profile online (with your consent)

2: apply

  • Round 1: a Skype interview with the client and recruiter + evaluation
  • Round 2: an introduction and orientation day on location + evaluation
  • Review a draft contract. Like what you see? Sign!

Practical things

Even before you start your new job, Care Force will arrange all the necessary documents and registrations. There is a lot involved. Read what Care Force will arrange for you.

Learning Dutch

Even before you start your new job, you will get intensive language and culture training through the Care Force Language Academy. Discover how it works.

We provide language training as is follows:

  • Dentists and Orthodontists –  495 before they start online + 1500 before to start the intensive part. The living costs during intensive language which is 4 months here in The Netherlands + language training will be pre-paid by Care Force.

Every candidate receives intensive language training through the Care Force Language Academy. In six months, you will learn to speak and write Dutch at the required level. And you will be prepared for a new (work) environment. The Academy training ends with a language exam.

The program for a job in the Netherlands:

  • 8 weeks of online home study + online test
  • 16 weeks plus 1 break week of intensive language training at Care Force in the Netherlands (including 3 weeks of exam training)
  • National language exam

Apply here and you will be contacted soon!