Work as Nurse in Germany- Several Location Suitable

October 3, 2021
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Job Description

Germany has started an ambitious program to hire Nurses coming from all the world for careers in the field of care in Germany.

The idea is, on the one hand, to improve medical services provided by general nurses and specialists in Germany. On the other hand, this will offer interested Nurses with recognisable qualifications a long-term perspective with a wide range of opportunities for their professional development.

This is addressed, in particular, to Nurses who want to study and to invest on the German language.

Nurses who are not yet sufficiently fluent in German will also be welcome.

Apart from professional/technical preparation and training, the program also includes intensive language training. Depending on the existing level of language competence, individual language courses up to level B2 may be started in the participant’s home country. Training up to levels  B2 will then take place in the form of an intensive language course in Germany, as hosting period, in the same hospital will hire you.

Immediately after the language course, the nurse’s familiarization will take place in a medical practice or surgery under the guidance of experienced German Healthcare professional.

Don’t be afraid about the recognition of your degree, we will drive you in any steps!